Scrapbooking Ideas

May 10, 2016

Keeping a scrap book can be a great hobby and no matter what yours will be used for, there’s nothing quite like customising it in a way that will be appreciated for years to come. Choosing a great looking book is only half the challenge; the rest relates to deciding on what to actually put inside of it.

From photos and pictures, all the way to cut outs and diary snippets – you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to ideas. But just in case you could use a little more inspiration, take a look at these great scrapbooking ideas that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Holiday memories

Taking a holiday in a remote region can be a great experience for the whole family, but there aren’t many people that will happily leave the peace and tranquillity behind. That’s where photo books come in handy, but even they can be a little bland when looked at over time. Scrap books on the other hand can be drawn in, painted on and decorated in any way that you like – and what better way to proudly display your holiday photos than with a personalised book that takes you back to the trip!

Wedding album

As traditional as wedding albums might be, not everyone prefers the uniformed look. Yes white with a silver or gold trim looks great, but a wedding should be a personal event – and so creating a unique book to store your photos is an even better option. The only limit is your imagination and as long as the book has transparent sleeves and plenty of room for your masses of photographs, the rest will speak for itself.

Special events

Christmas, Easter and other events can all be a very enjoyable time for friends and family – especially if you’re planning a get together to celebrate. Unlike photo frames which can feature a single image, or print outs which need storing when not being viewed – scrap books offer a great way for people to add a little more character to their special events. Simply pick a colour to suit the celebration and then go to town designing and adding your own particular styles!